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April: Easter + Getting Ready for Spring

Teacher Gift: The Hi-Lite of My Day

Did I say I wasn’t happy about school starting? That was before Orientation Day. Now, after being back at school and seeing the hallways filled with so many people I like, I’m feeling much more excited about the whole thing. I’m especially thrilled with my children’s teachers. Enthusiastic, loving, committed, kind. What lucky kids.

Before we headed to school for orientation, we put together little gift bags for the teachers with highlighter markers and printed tags that read “You’re the hi-lite of my day.” It seems like terrible sucking up to give a teacher a present on the first day of school, doesn’t it? But I already know we’re giving the teachers knitted gifts for Christmas, so when I saw this idea at One Charming Party I figured I’d better make them now, see how they turned out, and get it posted in case you’d like to give them to your teachers for Christmas. Or whenever you feel a little extra appreciation is in order.

All you need for this gift are highlighter markers (we used six for each), cellophane bags, black ribbon, card stock paper, and printable tags. You can visit One Charming Party here to print out the tags. By the way, I bought a ton of cellophane bags at Michaels a couple of years ago just to have on hand. I use them all the time—they’re great for packaging all sorts of gifts.

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