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Winter Fun

Valentine Place Mats

These valentine place mats combine two things we all love—creativity and clearing out clutter. All you need are a bunch of valentines and some contact paper. (You could also use a laminating machine if you have one.)

To make the place mat, cut a piece of contact paper whatever size you’d like. Place the contact paper sticky side up on a table and let your child lay out her valentines in whatever way she’d like. When she’s done, cut a second piece of contact paper, lay it sticky side down on top of the first sheet, and smooth it out. You can trim the sides to clean the place mat up a bit.

Your child will be so pleased with her new valentine place mat, she might even share some of her candy with you.


  1. Michelle says:

    This is such a great idea. Claudia would love making a placemat with her valentines!

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