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Be aware of wonder. Live a balanced life—learn some and think some and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work every day some.
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Winter Fun

Oscar Ballot 2012

A huge thank you to my aunt Cheryl for creating this gorgeous 2012 Oscar Ballot. It makes me want to have a party right now.

But before I fill out my ballot, I need to do some more research. Have you watched any of the nominated movies yet? We’ve seen most of the kid-related ones, of course. But we also managed to sneak in Moneyball, Bridesmaids, and—finally this weekend—The Help. I’m determined to see The Artist, Midnight in Paris, and Iron Lady before the Academy Awards air next Sunday (February 26th).

Do you get together with friends or family for the Oscars? Tim and I used to love Oscar parties before the kids were born, but we haven’t hosted or been to one since then. And as tempting as it would be to spend the evening with friends, it’s awfully nice to snuggle up at home in our pajamas and watch the show with the kids. And I can’t help but wonder how much longer my 13-year-old is going to want to watch with me. I think I should probably soak it up while I can.

So whatever your plans might be, I hope your picks win!

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