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Winter Fun

Easter Dessert Ideas

{ Lemon Cream Rolled Cake }

I’m trying to decide on a dessert to bring to the family gathering on Easter Sunday. I’d like it to be special, but something I can actually pull off. I made the Turtle Cake last Easter, but this year I’d like to try something new.

{ Cupcake Skewers }

These bite-size treats look so pretty and spring-like. I love the ribbons.

{ Double Citrus Tart }

{ Strawberry-Sugar Biscuit Trifle }

And how about these Chocolate Wonton Noodle Nests for the kids?

All of these desserts look amazing, but do you have other ideas? Do you have a traditional dessert that you make for Easter Sunday? Or maybe there’s something you’ve been meaning to try? Please share!


  1. Mary Jo Nohava says:

    love the nests!

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