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Winter Fun

Happy May Day!

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Is it May 1st already? My goodness, time is flying by.

When you were small, did you ever leave May Day baskets for your neighbors? I remember making woven paper baskets, setting them on the neighbors’ front steps, ringing the doorbell, and then running to hide, giggling, in the bushes to watch their surprised faces when they discovered the little treats.

May Day has caught me snoozing this year, I’m afraid. But because we Taylors are firm believers in Better Late Than Never, I think we’ll still try to come up with something. Great-Grandma Marilyn and Great-Grandpa Tony have just returned from wintering in Phoenix, so I think a May Day basket would be just the thing to welcome them back. (We’ll have to tuck in some of Grandpa Tony’s favorite turtle candies for his birthday, too.)

I think any of these May Day baskets would be fun to make.

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Do you remember making May Day baskets as a child? Is it a tradition you’re continuing with your own children?

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