Hello! My name is Shannon Taylor. I'm a long-time writer and editor from Minnesota surprised to find myself on an island in the Pacific Northwest with my husband, three younger children (the oldest is attending college in Chicago), and two dogs.

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Lily’s Birthday Party / Favors and Games

Grammy’s melting ice cream cone cake was the highlight of Lily’s party, but I think these ice cream container favors from One Charming Party were a close second.

If you want your favors to look just like theirs, you can order your pint containers from Garnish for about $1 each. I waited too long to order online, so I called a local ice cream store and asked the owner if he’d mind telling me where he bought his containers. He said he bought them in bulk from a wholesale store, so unless I needed at least 500 that option probably wouldn’t work. He asked what I needed them for and when I told him, he said he’d be happy to sell me some. So nice!

I ended up paying $2.00 for 20 containers. The only catch was that the lids were plastic, so the labels wouldn’t lay flat. I ended up printing them out on regular paper and taping them to the lid instead of using adhesive labels.

We filled the containers with tiny erasers, root beer-flavored gum, a couple of small candy treats, plastic bead necklaces, temporary tattoos, and bouncy balls. To finish it off, we tied a pink plastic spoon to the container with pink ribbon.

Tim upgraded the Wishy-Wash for the party by adding some pool noodles and a cut-up shower curtain. And part of a mop! He also put a Slip-n-Slide underneath to help control the mud.

The girls only played one “official” game because they were so busy making ice cream, decorating frames, and creating duct tape bracelets. But they did take time out for this game where they had to try to spray a ping pong ball out of their partners’ cups using a spray bottle. Great game for a hot day!

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