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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day to you! Man, it’s challenging to have Valentine’s Day the same week as Chinese New Year, but we pulled it all together last night by the skin of our teeth.

Lily was happy to see her favorite heart-shaped-candy box-with-the-red-cellophane-wrapper waiting for her at breakfast this morning. She had reminded us about the heart boxes several times, not wanting to take any chances.

Lily’s not the only one. I ran into a neighbor last night and she told me that her daughter starts checking in with her dad about two weeks before Valentine’s Day every year to make sure he’s on the ball. Only instead of candy she asks for “a piece of Alaskan King Crab.” And why shouldn’t she? This is a day for having whatever your heart desires…even if it’s just a bit of seafood. I prefer chocolate, but to each her own.

Will and Lily set off for school this morning with valentines in hand after giving me strict instructions not to eat all their chocolate while they’re gone. Who, me?

Is there a tradition you or your family couldn’t do without on Valentine’s Day? Please share!


  1. grampa jeff says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day all, kool shoes Lexie!!

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