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Outdoor Summer Game / 7-Up

Do you remember playing 7-Up on the playground when you were a kid? I tried to teach it to Lily recently but when I couldn’t remember all the moves, I asked if you could help me out. You did, and here are the official results for how to play 7-Up:

  • Seven-seys: Bounce the ball against the wall and catch it (without letting it hit the ground) seven times.
  • Six-seys: Throw the ball against the wall, let it bounce once on the ground, and catch it six times.
  • Five-seys: Bounce the ball on the ground five times and then catch it.
  • Four-seys: Bounce the ball from the ground to the wall and then catch it four times. (The reverse of six-seys.)
  • Three-seys: Bounce the ball on the ground once then hit it with the palm of your hand against the wall, let it bounce, and catch it three times.
  • Two-seys: Throw the ball under your leg so it hits the wall, then let it bounce and catch it two times.
  • One-seys: Throw the ball against the wall, spin around, and catch the ball before it bounces one time.

I honestly don’t remember the three-seys level, or even calling the levels “three-seys” (and “two-seys,” etc.) but Lily will like the sound of that.

We’re working on helping Lily to play more independently this summer since the older kids are busy with driver’s ed and play practice and camps here and there. Her sources of free entertainment are drying up! 7-Up will be a great game to add to her list of Things I Can Do All By Myself. Next up: Solitaire.



  1. Soleil says:

    I love the idea of a list of things to do by yourself. I have never heard of 7-up. I think I will try to introduce it to my son ( although knowing him he would probably try to do this in the house). 🙂

  2. Shannon says:

    I always feel like a grump for telling the kids not to bounce balls around the house, but there are limits. You’ll have to let me know what your son thinks of 7-Up.

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