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DIY: Kids’ Art Table Rescue

Kids Art Table New

I’ve been eyeing the “kids art area” lately. It takes up a good chunk of real estate in this house filled with six people. And now that we have teenagers with homework and laptops, I started picturing a large, comfy chair to lounge in, maybe a cool IKEA desk with space for a printer and a charging station, a cozy rug, and a table with a lamp. A tech center geared toward teens.

Except there’s a nine-year-old still using the art table.

The tech center dream isn’t the only reason why I’ve been thinking of a change. The truth is that the table is an eyesore. It was lovely when my in-laws bought it for the kids 14-some years ago. I like to think I cleaned it regularly. Or at least occasionally. But somehow it ended up looking like this:

Kids Art Table Old

Yikes. But it’s a really nice table and could be resurfaced some day by someone who’s into that sort of thing, Dad. In the meantime, I needed a quick and easy fix. Something attractive but functional. Hardy but inexpensive.

Enter plexiglass and fabric.

I bought a sheet of plexiglass at the local hardware store and had it cut to fit for a total of $36. I sanded the edges a little to be safe. And then Lily picked out this fabric at JoAnn’s for about $5. I had to cut a few inches off the fabric and maybe some of you would hem it, but I think it looks fine as is. And, anyway, I’m not great at sewing.

Kids Art Area

Ah…much better. Take your time, Lily. The “tech center” can wait!

Do you have a decorating or renovating project sitting on the back burner for “someday”?



  1. Diane says:

    very cute

  2. grampa jeff says:

    a) yes, it could certainly be refinished, look great but it would still be a very short table and be of questionable usage. b) it is absolutely not an eyesore, it is an incredible piece of artwork, with a touch of history thrown in. it needs to have the legs removed and the tabletop hung over the fireplace. or cut in half so you have two pieces of artwork. so there you go, my two cents worth.

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