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April Fool’s Day Pranks

Plastic toy food

Does your family get into April Fool’s Day? For some reason, mine never really has. It’s probably because when we flip the calendar over late on March 31st we’re all surprised to see that it’s April 1st and we haven’t planned anything!

I did see an idea that I thought might be funny for the younger kids. You pack their cold lunches with plastic toy food and let them scratch their heads for a minute before showing up with their real lunches. This would take a bit of planning to make sure you got there on time—or else a teacher who’d be up for being in on the joke.

There are always the classics like yellow food coloring in the milk to make it seem like it’s gone bad, tissue paper stuffed in shoes to make them seem smaller, or even jeans a couple sizes too big or too small put in the drawer. Or how about this seriously messed-up trick? Make caramel apples out of onions. That one is for your enemies, apparently.

I’m thinking this jello-as-juice prank might be do-able, and not too mean:

Jello Trick


Do you have any pranks planned? Are you usually the pranker or the prankee?

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