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Be aware of wonder. Live a balanced life—learn some and think some and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work every day some.
+ Robert Fulghum

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Heyday Farm Chocolate Pecan Pie

When we first moved to Bainbridge, we didn’t know a soul. We’d never even visited the island! As part of our exploring, Lily and I took a pie-making class at Heyday Farm. It was the kind of thing we never seemed to have time for before we moved.
As we pulled up to the farm, we […]


What to Teach Our Kids

{ This is my favorite parenting quote. It’s a great life quote, too. }
The college-age daughter of one of my best friends since childhood came up from Portland to stay with us for Thanksgiving.
We had a lovely visit and after Annika left I called her mom right away to tell her how impressed I was […]


Giving Like Mrs. Mac

image from Sycamore Street Press
The year Tim and I turned 40, we traveled to St. Simon’s Island, Georgia, to celebrate with two of my closest friends, who were also turning 40, and their families. It was a wonderful trip and my heart is full of memories of watching our children playing together just like we […]


In Sympathy / Funeral Etiquette

This post could also be called “Why I Should Listen to My Mother.”
Not too long ago we were talking about funerals and my mom said she’s learned to write her address on the inside of sympathy cards when she gives a gift or memorial for a funeral.
We attended two funerals last week, so this idea […]


The Saturday Morning Book Club + Reading List

{ image }
Last week we had a great conversation about “comforting clothes.” Well. On the third Saturday of every month I get to go to book club, which is like slipping into the most comfortably well-worn sweater you can imagine.
No one remembers exactly when our first meeting was, but we do know it was at least […]


Sympathy Meals / Neopolitan Casserole

My husband, Tim, had a serious accident on his mountain bike two years ago. He was hospitalized for weeks and spent months in rehab. One of the things that got us through that challenging time was the support of our friends and family. They watched our kids, they got them to lessons and after-school activities, […]


Using Our Farm Share / Roasted Radishes

Do some people love radishes the way others love squash or asparagus? I’ve never given much thought to radishes. I’ve bought them once or twice when I’ve tried to replicate my grandma’s potato salad. Which hasn’t been very often since, fortunately, she’s still around and willing to make it herself.
So other than in potato salad, […]


Our Farm Share Adventure Begins

Have you ever heard of buying shares from a farmer? Basically, a farmer offers a certain number of “shares” to the public. You, the consumer, purchase a share and in return receive a box of seasonal produce each week throughout the farming season. I’ve always wanted to try this so when a friend asked if we’d […]


Movie Night Invitations

For the past few years, we’ve celebrated the last day of school by gathering with friends and neighbors at a nearby drive-in theater to celebrate the last day of school. So I was happy to see this free printable invitation at Oh Happy Day. It’s perfect!
Jordan has promised to share more great ideas for throwing […]


Life Lessons: The Perfect Gift

I don’t pretend to know why bad things happen to good people. My brain understands that there are cause-and-effect relationships behind everything, but when something terrible happens I don’t care about logic or scientific explanations—I just want someone to fix it.
But we all know it doesn’t work that way. How and why it does work […]


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