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Be aware of wonder. Live a balanced life—learn some and think some and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work every day some.
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Lexie’s Popcorn Trick

by Lexie
Is there anything more satisfying then crunching down on a big bowl of popcorn after a long day at work (or in my case, school)? Plain, air-popped popcorn is not only yummy and fun, but it’s also a whole grain packed with fiber and essential nutrients. Unfortunately, movie theater popcorn has given the stuff […]


Lexie’s Homemade Granola

by Lexie (busily multi-tasking)
My favorite thing about homemade granola is how customizable it is. Most recipes start with rolled oats and then you can add whatever you like: nuts, seeds, dried fruit, coconut, chocolate chips…. There’s really no wrong way to do it. The bulk of my recipe isn’t set in stone, so have fun!
Maple […]


Muffin Mondays: Lexie’s Real Food Banana Muffins

{ Hi everyone! It’s Lexie here. Starting this year, I’m going to be guest blogging!! Mostly about food and cooking (which I have a newfound love for), but also health and the like. I’m super excited to begin, so here we go. }
A few weeks ago, I got an inexplicable and quite bizarre craving for […]


Grandma Charlotte’s Best-Ever Irish Soda Bread

Oh, this bread. I made a loaf this morning and when it came out of the oven I stood at the stove with my Butter Bell in hand, cutting off warm slices and slathering them with butter. Grandma Charlotte was mostly Dutch, but she had a bit of Irish in her and married an Irishman, […]


Baking Bacon

At our last book club meeting, the conversation turned to bacon. It happens! A few people were surprised to hear that you can bake bacon instead of frying it on the stove.
I learned about oven-fried bacon in Mad Hungry by Lucinda Scala Quinn. (Do you have this cookbook? It’s one of my favorites.) I like […]


Chinese New Year / Fortune Cookies

Happy New Year! And welcome to the Year of the Snake. Did you shudder a little when you read that? Snakes don’t have the best reputation, but they do help keep the rodent population under control. I think they’re cool. From a distance.
If you were born under this sign, the Chinese calendar folks consider you to be […]


Dutch Baby

We’ve been trying to eat less bread around here (well, I have, anyway) so breakfasts are mostly eggs and yogurt and Chex cereal. But some days you just need a Dutch baby. All that warm, puffed-up, buttery deliciousness can make a cold winter morning much more cozy.
And it’s always fun to see the look on […]


What to Cook? / Food We Love

Here is a collection of my favorite recipes, the tried and true. Some appear on our table weekly, some just once or twice a year on special occasions, but none of them ever let me down. I’ll be adding more, so please check back if you need ideas!
Main Dishes
Aunt Karna’s Stuffed Shells
Neopolitan Casserole
Grandma Charlotte’s Pork […]


Scandinavian Almond Cake

Have you ever had Scandinavian Almond Cake? It’s so delicious, I could eat the entire thing myself in one sitting. The cake has a wonderful texture, soft on the inside and just a little crunchy on the outside, and manages to be rich and light at the same time.
There’s a special pan called a rehrücken that gives […]


Sympathy Meals / Neopolitan Casserole

My husband, Tim, had a serious accident on his mountain bike two years ago. He was hospitalized for weeks and spent months in rehab. One of the things that got us through that challenging time was the support of our friends and family. They watched our kids, they got them to lessons and after-school activities, […]


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