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Be aware of wonder. Live a balanced life—learn some and think some and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work every day some.
+ Robert Fulghum

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Anti-“Gravity” Workout with Simone De La Rue

So I’m watching Gravity the other night and thinking how old is Sandra Bullock? I googled Sandra Bullock workout and discovered two things: Ms. Bullock is four years older than I am and her trainer is Simone De La Rue. And Ms. De La Rue definitely knows how to fight gravity.
I quickly headed over to the Body by […]


My Favorite QUICK Interval Training Workout

I live in the boondocks and while the winter wonderland makes for beautiful scenery, it’s not so great for running outside. So, the treadmill it is. I know a lot of people think treadmills are boring, and they’re right. But that’s why we have “House of Cards” on Netflix. Claire Underwood is awfully inspiring fitness-wise, […]


What’s Your Olympics?

Enjoying the view in Schladming, Austria, as a staff writer at the 1993 Special Olympics World Winter Games.
I wasn’t sure about writing this, thinking I might come across as having delusions of grandeur. My Olympics? I’m not anywhere close to being an Olympic athlete.
But then I thought about Albert Brooks and the horses. The actor […]


Frozen Fractals All Around (and some fun links)

Most of the family is skiing tonight, but Miss Lily and I stayed home to curl up and watch old Disney movies. It’s been a Disney kind of day. Don’t laugh, but earlier today I was working on a really difficult piece of writing, so I made a deal with myself: if I powered through, I […]


Color Me Rad

Oh, this is just too good. Have you heard of the Color Me Rad 5K race series? Design Mom wrote about it earlier this week, and I’ve been thinking about it ever since.
Here’s what happens: You show up on race day in your very whitest shirt. The horn blows and you take off running and—wait […]


Olympic Fever / Playlist

The sight of Michael Phelps preparing for his Olympic races, headphones firmly in place, got me thinking about how I need some new workout music. Michael says he listens to Young Jeezy, Lil Wayne, and Lil Jon (lots of Lils!), but since they’re not exactly my cup of tea, I went to my fitness-loving friends on […]


Olympic Fever / My Favorite QUICK Workout

Do you have Olympic Fever at your house? We definitely do. I’m seeing Olympic rings everywhere, even in the craft tape Lily got for her birthday!
When you watch the athletes perform their amazing feats are you inspired to get moving, to push yourself harder?
The thing is, most of us don’t have hours to spend working […]


Tim Cheers Me Up About Getting Older

{ image }
One of my favorite daily rituals takes place after the kids get on the bus and before Tim goes to work. We sit and have coffee together and, ideally, this is a time for peaceful reflection and camaraderie. But sometimes I slip and turn it into a fretting session.
The other day my fretting […]


The Deck of Cards Workout

{ image }
In the spirit of “If it isn’t fun it won’t get done,” I created a Deck of Cards workout for my Saturday morning boot camp class last week. One of my wonderful D.C. roommates, Amy, and I used to do a version of this workout where we’d do push-ups if we drew a […]


Hunger Games Workout Motivation

{ spotted on Pinterest }


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