Hello! My name is Shannon Taylor. I'm a long-time writer and editor from Minnesota surprised to find myself on an island in the Pacific Northwest with my husband, three younger children (the oldest is attending college in Chicago), and two dogs.

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Be aware of wonder. Live a balanced life—learn some and think some and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work every day some.
+ Robert Fulghum

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The Bra That Changed My Life

Last night at tap class we did some very bouncy moves, and once again I was grateful for my sports bra. If you’re endowed with “bodacious tatas,” as my hermana Kristi calls them, you’ll understand exactly what I mean.
Starting in college when the girls hit their growth spurt, I had to wear two sports bras […]


Mug of Wisdom #23


A New Workout from Holly Rigsby

Holly posted a great new strength-training workout for us. Watch the video to learn the moves, then put on some good music and go. I’m going through a J-Lo “On the Floor” and Shakira “Waka Waka” phase at the moment.
You can make the workout more or less challenging depending on the weights you use. If […]


Staying Fit

There’s a fine line between giving advice and passing on information from someone else that has helped me. So while I’m not an expert on weight loss and exercise, I’ve been lucky to have learned some things that have truly made a difference for me.
My weight-loss strategy, starting in high school when I worked at […]


Weight Loss Pilates with Kristin McGee

I’m so sore after two days of doing Acacia’s Weight Loss Pilates DVD. But the good news is that I’m sore in places that really need tightening up. Does anyone actually think that Pilates is a “girly” workout? If so, then he or she needs to give this DVD a try.
I haven’t done a lot […]


Fun Standing Abs Workout

I think it was FlyLady, the original organizing blogger, who said, “If it isn’t fun, it won’t get done.” I know life isn’t all fun and games, but if we can inject a little enjoyment into things like working out, why not?
I was reading about the Tracy Anderson workout method online one day when I came […]


Some Thoughts on Discipline

“She’s disciplined, like all those ballet dames,” Humphrey Bogart said, referring to the effortlessly graceful Audrey Hepburn. But maybe Miss Hepburn, a lifelong smoker, had her own struggles with discipline.
I’ve been thinking about discipline a lot lately. How it works, who has it, and how I can get some more.
In her book Never Say Diet, Chantel […]


Fitness: Look Better Naked Workout Video

Such a provocative title. Perhaps I’ll just refer to it as the LBN workout from now on.
I’m always on the lookout for fun new workout videos that are quick but effective. I picked this up at Target the other day because the word “intervals” jumped out at me. The DVD has four parts—a 5-minute warm-up, […]


The Best Workout

(image from Shape)
Do you know which workout is the best? Wait for it. The best workout is the one you’ll actually do. It’s true, isn’t it? The experts can argue about what method of exercise is most effective, but at the end of the day if the best workout in the world doesn’t fit into […]



Have you ever tried yoga? Tim and I started doing—I mean practicing yoga—two years ago after our friend Toyna told us about a DVD she was loving called The Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga. I’d always wanted to try yoga but was too intimidated. All that balancing and bending into strange angles. But we took Toyna’s […]

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