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Be aware of wonder. Live a balanced life—learn some and think some and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work every day some.
+ Robert Fulghum

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Thanksgiving Tradition: Homemade Butter

We’ve been making homemade butter for Thanksgiving since Andrew was a wee lad. It’s super easy—all you need is a pint of heavy whipping cream, a dash of salt, a mason jar (or any container that has a very tight seal), and three marbles. Pour the whipping cream into the mason jar, add the marbles […]


Homemade Lip Gloss

Before I share the recipe for homemade lip gloss, I feel like I should warn you about a few things. I clipped the recipe from Family Fun magazine ages ago and dug it out for Lexie’s birthday party. Some people would have had a practice run before introducing a project like this to a group […]


DIY Homemade Crayons

Homemade crayons aren’t a terribly original concept, but since it’s taken us nearly 13 years to get around to making some, I feel a pictorial tutorial is in order. If you could act like you’ve never seen anything quite like this before, that’d be great.

It might be that one of the reasons why we’ve never […]


Homemade Cadbury Creme Eggs

Are there enough hours before Easter to make some of these? Tim would be in heaven—Cadbury Creme Eggs are his favorite. He’s obsessed with all things Cadbury. I think it all started when he was a kid in England. These are a little too sweet for me, so I’ll stick with my chocolate-peanut butter eggs.
The […]


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