Hello! My name is Shannon Taylor. I'm a long-time writer and editor from Minnesota surprised to find myself on an island in the Pacific Northwest with my husband, three younger children (the oldest is attending college in Chicago), and two dogs.

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Be aware of wonder. Live a balanced life—learn some and think some and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work every day some.
+ Robert Fulghum

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Happy Birthday, Tim!

Tim and Will on the Giant Map of Europe at the National Geographic Bee in Madison.
Today is Tim’s 46th birthday. To celebrate those 46 wonderful years, I thought it would be fun to list 46 Awesome Things about Tim Taylor. So in no particular order because I’m typing as I go, here they are:
1. He […]


Happy Weekend

Hello! Did you have a good week? We’re back from Andrew’s high school band trip to Walt Disney World and are settling into our regular routine. Funny how easy it is to slip into vacation mode and how hard it is to slip out of it!
I’m so happy we tagged along on the trip. The […]


U2 Got Rejected and So Will You…So Make the Most of It

Have you seen this rejection letter that’s making its way around social media?

{ UberFacts }
As we all know, U2 persevered and went on to become one of the most successful bands in history.
I read through a bunch of comments about the letter and found it interesting that most people are accusing Alexander Sinclair of not […]


What’s Your Olympics?

Enjoying the view in Schladming, Austria, as a staff writer at the 1993 Special Olympics World Winter Games.
I wasn’t sure about writing this, thinking I might come across as having delusions of grandeur. My Olympics? I’m not anywhere close to being an Olympic athlete.
But then I thought about Albert Brooks and the horses. The actor […]


Glimpse of a Pileated Woodpecker

{ image from Prince William Conservation Alliance }
Tim’s New Year’s resolution this year was to join Project FeederWatch, a birdwatcher data-collection project run by the Cornell University Lab of Ornithology. Project FeederWatch helps scientists collect large amounts of information so they can track bird populations and understand, among other things, why a species is declining and […]


Literary Tea Box: A Gift to Inspire

I love quotations. I love how they take the wisdom of the ages and turn it into bite-size pieces.
So I was happy to see this gift idea from Luke Reynolds in Writer’s Digest magazine. Mr. Reynolds’ wife surprised him with a wooden tea caddy filled with handwritten quotes about writing to inspire his own writing. […]


Imagine a World Without Hate (Official Video)


Mug of Wisdom # 46 / Katherine Anne Porter



Can I confess something? I deeply dislike drawing. I avoid it at all costs and groan inwardly when someone asks me to draw anything other than a house plan. And I’m totally cool with that—there are plenty of other ways to be creative.
But that’s probably why I’m so fascinated that a child of mine loves […]


The Saturday Morning Book Club + Reading List

{ image }
Last week we had a great conversation about “comforting clothes.” Well. On the third Saturday of every month I get to go to book club, which is like slipping into the most comfortably well-worn sweater you can imagine.
No one remembers exactly when our first meeting was, but we do know it was at least […]

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