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Be aware of wonder. Live a balanced life—learn some and think some and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work every day some.
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Frozen Fractals All Around (and some fun links)

Most of the family is skiing tonight, but Miss Lily and I stayed home to curl up and watch old Disney movies. It’s been a Disney kind of day. Don’t laugh, but earlier today I was working on a really difficult piece of writing, so I made a deal with myself: if I powered through, I […]


Little Knitted Pumpkin Hat

Our family is so excited to welcome a new little cousin this month. He’s just a week old and as cute as can be. Babies are wonderful any time of year, but what’s especially fun about fall babies is that you get to dress them like pumpkins.
I learned how to knit pumpkin hats just last […]


Spring Knitting Round-Up

I scooted around the web yesterday looking for something springlike to knit and found some cute ideas. If I start one of these now, I just might finish in time for Easter. Which is one month from tomorrow! (And also Tim’s birthday this year.) How about this adorable sparrow’s nest from Whit’s Knits?


Valentine Snow Globes / Weekend Links

These Valentine Snow Globes from Dandee Designs are crazy cute. We’re long past the baby-food stage around here, so I’d need to borrow a baby to pull this off. Anyone have one they could spare? Or at least some empty jars?
The kids are off school today and while I’d planned to take them out to […]


Happy Weekend

{ image via Say Yes to Hoboken }
Do you remember when you were little and the days dragged by…so…very…slowly as you counted the seconds until Christmas? And your mom looked slightly crazed every time you said you couldn’t wait? Now I know exactly how our poor moms felt. Time is whizzing along and I’m so […]


Bandana Cowl

I need a new knitting project. What do you think of this bandana cowl by Erin of Purl Soho? According to Erin, bandanas are all the rage on the streets of New York this year. I can’t quite see wearing a bandana, but I would love to wear this. Or maybe even make a few […]


A Couple of Hours in Stillwater, MN

It was my turn to drive the drama camp carpool to Hudson so, with three hours to spend until pick-up time, the younger two and I headed up to Stillwater. Stillwater is a beautiful little town nestled on the St. Croix River about an hour north of Prescott (where we live). Main Street is lined […]


Happy Easter!

I went looking for an elegant image with which to say “Happy Easter.” Instead, I found these little snorkeling eggs. They crack me up, so to speak. It’s very hard to be refined when you’re easily amused. Family Fun magazine shows you how to make them here.
The girls dug out all our Easter paraphernalia, so we’re about […]


Birds and Bees Knitted Headbands

Oh my goodness. How adorable are these little headbands? My list of knitting projects is getting longer by the minute. But who could resist these? Not I, that’s for sure.

Wouldn’t they be amazing for Easter? Find the patterns at Never Not Knitting here.


Knitted Easter Egg

This morning, we could hear birds singing outside our window for the first time in months. Hallelujah! There’s still plenty of snow on the ground, but the daffodils I bought at Trader Joe’s the other day are blooming and the sun is hanging around a little longer every day. Spring is in the air.
I stopped […]


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