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Be aware of wonder. Live a balanced life—learn some and think some and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work every day some.
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44 Fun Ideas for Easter Baskets

I asked a bunch of friends what their favorite Easter traditions were when they were kids, and nearly all of them said “Easter baskets.” Some had to search for their baskets because the Easter Bunny hid them, but others said the baskets were sitting out waiting prettily for them when they woke up Easter morning.
Around […]


All About Peeps / Sunflower Cake and Diorama Contest

Are you still able to eat Peeps? I am not. But I think it would be fun to make this Peeps Sunflower Cake for the under-20 crowd. (What? You’re over 20 and can eat Peeps? You must have tastebuds of steel!)
Did you get Peeps in your Easter basket when you were little? Back in the […]


Lily’s Awesome Leprechaun Trap

I know St. Patrick’s Day is over, but I have to show you Lily’s Awesome Leprechaun Trap.
But first, the truth. I really didn’t feel like making a trap this year. There was so much going on last week, I could hardly keep up. And, really, would the world end if we didn’t make a leprechaun […]


Family Traditions / Sick Days

{ image + recipe }
Since I started this blog, several new mothers have asked for ideas for creating family traditions. I’ve shared some of the traditions our family engages in over the course of a “mom’s year,” but I’d like to scour around for new ideas and get input from you, too. I’m thinking about […]


Oscar Ballot 2012

A huge thank you to my aunt Cheryl for creating this gorgeous 2012 Oscar Ballot. It makes me want to have a party right now.
But before I fill out my ballot, I need to do some more research. Have you watched any of the nominated movies yet? We’ve seen most of the kid-related ones, of […]


Valentine Place Mats

These valentine place mats combine two things we all love—creativity and clearing out clutter. All you need are a bunch of valentines and some contact paper. (You could also use a laminating machine if you have one.)
To make the place mat, cut a piece of contact paper whatever size you’d like. Place the contact paper […]


DIY Literary Quote Mugs / Weekend Links

{ image found here; spotted here }
I am swooning over these DIY literary quote mugs by Sarah Fritzler. I’m a bookworm and a quote junkie, so these are just too good. My favorite is the set Sarah made for her parents. Her dad’s mug features his favorite quote, “Here’s looking at you, kid.” And her […]


Crafting Party / Valentine’s Day Edition

{ Treasure Jars. }
The girls and I recently attended a Valentine’s Day Crafting Party at our friends’ home. Our hostess and her three girls explained in the Evite invitation that they would have stations set up around the house where we could make Valentine-themed crafts. All we needed to bring was our creativity and an […]


Chinese New Year Parties / Planning Phase

{ image }
Whew! This was another one of those busy-literally-every-minute days. They’re not my favorite, but at least I get to check Annual Physical off my list. (Am I the only one who would rather visit the dentist than have a routine check-up?)
Next on the agenda are the Chinese New Year parties we’re hosting for […]


Hanging Hearts-on-a-String Valentine

Here’s an easy Valentine’s project you can put together to surprise your kids (or your sweetheart) on Valentine’s Day. All you need are some foam sheets (I used red, pink, and purple), white paper (computer paper or whatever you have around is fine), and ribbons. I made the first batch of Hearts-on-a-String when Andrew was […]


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